Where can I find a list of traffic/speeding ticket fines?


Schedule of Fines


No seat belt

No child restraint

Equipment violation

Disregarding traffic signs, impeding traffic, improper turns

Improper lane usage

Brake tag (none or expired), failure to use reasonable vigilance

Driving against traffic, failure to obey officers signal, failure to yield, following too closely, improper starting/ backing, no registration, red light, stop sign, title transfer and no title

Careless operation, passing stopped school bus

The following violations require a mandatory court appearance

NOTE: If your violation is issued under a State Statute, there is an additional $20.00 charge for costs. The code number of the violation describes if the charge is a State or City ordinance violation. The police officer writes the code number on the front of your citation, above the first appearance date and to the left of the violation description. If the code number begins with 154", it is a City ordinance violation. If the code number begins with 32", 14", 47" or 55", it indicates a State violation, and the additional $20.00 cost must be added to the above violation costs.

Fines and court costs are set by the New Orleans City Council and the Louisiana Legislature.


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